Harvest Community Church

Rogersville, MO

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Ladies, if you want to be apart of planning, ideas, group discussion, come on Sunday the 22nd 6pm. As we start off this New Year it's time to get pumped up and dive into God's word.
We will be looking into Matthew 25.






Harvest Community Church will be having a Valentine's Day Dinner on February 11, 2017 starting at 6:30 PM. If you would like to come please sign up at the information desk or call the church at (417) 753-3598. Bring a friend with you. More information will be out soon.



Our kids groups have so much to experience with us. Childern's ministry believe "God Is Big, Think Big, God Is Big, Pray Big"


The teens group have allots of exciting music, interactive lessons of how God can help you oversee the everyday life strugles, games and moments


Women's Ministry offers variety of small group opportunities for to gather together and become strong women for Christ.


HCC is a place for men with hearts for following Christ. We hope you'll join us for focusing on becoming brothers for Christ.